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This site is dedicated to helping you find quality information on all of the big names in the knife industry.  Cutlery can really be a confusing topic when you're new to cooking. This site will attempt to dispel some of the myths put forth by unscrupulous manufacturers trying to part you with your money. 

Each company is displayed in the left hand navigation as well as their individual knife models.  You can browse through the models you're interested in and see what may fit your budget and desire.  I've provided a buy link at the bottom of each page to a reputable online dealer.  From my research there are three main companies that provide a quality online shopping experience:

  • Chef Knives To Go
  • Metro Kitchen

The buy link is for your convenience and the should you choose to buy through it you will be supporting this site.  I appreciate your continued support for and wish you the best in your knife shopping experience. 


Rob Roark