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3 Steps To Choosing The Best Kitchen Knives

Choosing the best kitchen knives can be a hard proposition. There are literally hundreds of knife companies around the world all of whom are telling you their product is the best and their way of making knives is the only proper knife manufacturing process. So how do you pick the best knife for your need?

The first step is defining a budget for how much you can spend to get the best kitchen knives possible. These are truly a lifetime purchase if done right so don't skimp unless you're primarily a fast food connoisseur. Typically now days you can equip your kitchen for 400 - 500 dollars, possibly much more possibly much less.

The next step in finding the best kitchen knives is to figure out if you want to purchase them one by one or in a set. It's touted by many to purchase a set to minimize cost and get the best deal, but you may find that you don't need or use half the knives in the set. I recommend buying them one by one instead. Start with a chef's Knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife and add to your collection over time. This will minimize cost, and bad knife purchases, and maximize your purchasing power.

After you figure out your starting budget it's now research time. If you're going to go high end which I recommend don't listen to the manufacturer bologna about their knives being the best. Every single knife out there has benefits and drawbacks - many of which the manufacturers don't even mention.

While doing your research for the best kitchen knives make sure you actually feel them in your hand. If this means ordering them online 2-3 at a time and then returning the ones you don't like then so be it. The other option is to visit your local Williams-Sonoma or gourmet store and try them there, just remember that while their knife selection is great it's not by any means exhaustive. There are hundreds of smaller companies that would love to make a knife just for you.

When you feel the kitchen knife make sure you are actually mimicking a cutting setting. If you're looking to be a part time gourmet chef you should also check that your grip is the classic C-grip that's taught to all new chef students. This grip minimizes muscle strain and maximizes cutting power and precision. If you're just happy doing it your way then don't worry about it, feel the knives the way you would use them.

So to recap the way to find the best kitchen knife is to 1. have a budget, 2. do some research, 3. feel them in your own hand. I know finding the perfect companion knife for your cooking can be a daunting task so I created a site dedicated to the best kitchen knives. We cover all the classics such as Wusthof knives, Shun Knives, and Global Knives plus many more.

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