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Cutco vs. Henckel

Comparison shopping for knives can be a hard job there are so many choices and so much misinformation out there, mostly put out by the manufacturers by the way.  Which knives should you buy cutco or henckel?  Let's take a closer look at both manufacturers. 

Cutco was introduced in 1948 as a subsidiary of ALCOA.  The "hand-perfect" wedge lock handle was introduced in 1952, and the Double-D® stay-sharp recessed edge in 1960.  Cutco is marketed via direct sales mostly from students. 

Henckels on the other hand was founded in 1731 in Solingen, Germany.  They were the first manufacturer of stainless steel blades.  They now operate in two separate companies Zwilling J.A. Henckels and J.A. Henckels International.  The Zwilling division is the high end brand and International the low end.  The quality between the two divisions varies widely because of the steel and manufacturing processes used. 

So the question is which knife should you buy?  I would recommend neither, but if you have to purchase one go with the Zwilling J.A. Henckels brand over the cutco knives.  The serrated blades that Cutco uses are the true reason they are ever sharp, not because they are superior in any way.  Serrated blades cut more by a sawing action than by slicing, and even when they are dull they'll still rip through ingredients whereas normal blades you'll have to sharpen. 

If you really want to start acquiring some good knives that will last you a long time check out Shun Cutlery, or Globals.  They're both razor sharp out of the box and they'll last for years with proper care.  In the end however it's really up to you on what feels comfortable.  I've known people with every brand imaginable that have had them since they were first married.  Do what feels right, just don't be taken in by everything the salesmen say.


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