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The Shun Ken Onion knives were designed in conjunction with Ken Onion a world renowned knife designer.  Ken came from the non-cooking knife world so he didn't have any cooking experience to draw on in his knife design. 

He remedied this by subscribing to the Food Network and studying Bobby Flay and Sara Moulton's shows.  Freeze framing their cooking shows he used a protractor and a greese pencil to measure the angles of their knives.  His goal in doing this was to design a knife that would be comfortable in either hand for any height.  

His next step was to visit the Culinary Academy of the Pacific where he realized that every new chef was taught to hold the knife in a pinch between their index finger and thumb.  After hours of prep a day students would develop a hard callous on their index finger from the blade rubbing against it and some would even get carpal tunnel.  

Ken's next step was to create a smooth rounded bolster, and a downward facing handle reducing the stress on all parts of the hand and fingers thereby elimating these problems.  His final innovation was the creation of the blade.  By using the measurements he gathered from Bobby and Sara's shows he angled the blade to maximize glide over the cutting surface for any height.  He also blunted the nose for easier pick up of sliced ingredients.       


The Ken Onion series still features the classic VG-10 blade which is clad with 16 layers of high carbon steel on each side for a total of 33 layers.  This gives it a unique look similar to Damascus steel, but without its tendency to rust.  The ergonomic handle features a resin impregnated Pakkawood which proves water resistent and very gripy.     

Rating:  Shun Ken Onion Rating 4 of 5

Actual Customer Feedback:

"This knife has the sharpest and hardest edge out there. And the grip, while non-traditional to the western hand, is very comfortable."
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"The curved blade makes for easy rocking motion when chopping. This knife has been very easy on my carpal tunnel."

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"I own three Shun knives and they are the best in my small collection."
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Our Research on Shun Ken Onion Cutlery Suggests:

That these are an extraordinary line of knives from a great company.  The two things you should consider before purchasing any knives from the Ken Onion line is the cost, and your personal knife grip. 

If your knife grip consists of holding the knife with a fist you will find these knives uncomfortable and wonder what all the hullabaloo is about. If however you use the traditional pinch grip and do a lot of cooking you will find these knives a wonder. 

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Company Profile:

Shun is owned by the KAI Corporation, which is celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2008. KAI is privately owned and operated by Mr. Koji Endo. The KAI corporation also owns Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Knives.

For more information see their website  or search the BBB

Specifications: The Shun lines vary remarkably between them to read more about their individual specs see each product page.

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