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The Wusthof Emerilware Knives are produced in conjunction with the famous T.V. Chef Emeril Lagasse.  He's used Wusthof for years and now has designed a series for his customers focusing on low cost budget level knives.       

The Emerilware knives feature a stamped steel blade versus the higher quality forged blades Wusthof has become famous for.  The handle consists of a black poly triple riveted design, and is not advertised as a full tang knife. 

Rating:  Wusthof Emerilware Rating 1 and a half of 5

Actual Customer Feedback:

"This set on the Emeril line is not true Wusthof quality. The blades are thinner than my cheap Target set that I was replacing and the handles are plastic with the blade seemingly glued into place."
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"Very good quality knives and a pleasure to use!"
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"Very sharp set of knives that I've had for over a year now. It's very light weight, some may like this and others may not. I do, since I have small hands."
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Our Research on Wusthof Emerilware Cutlery Suggests:

That these knives would be fine to purchase if you don't expect much from them. If you're coming from low quality cheap Walmart knives, these knives will probably feel like a big upgrade. Many consumer's said they we're extremely sharp and easy to use.

However if you're looking for a fine set of qualtiy knives that will last a life time I recommend either the Classic line from Wusthof or Shun.

Just remember the Wusthof Emerilware knives are meant to fill the niche of a budget chef. So buy at your own risk.

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Company Profile:

Wüsthof is a premier knife-maker from Solingen, Germany. They were listed as being in business as early as 1814, and are still privately held and run by the Wüsthof family.

For more information see their website  or search the BBB

Specifications: All Wüsthof knife lines are precision forged with the exception of the Emeril and Gourmet lines which are stamped and the Silverpointe which are lasercut.

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