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The Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu line was designed in conjunction with the famous Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute.  Drawing on their many years of expertise in the culinary world Wusthof designed a truly great knife. 

Le Cordon Bleu's most noticable difference from Wusthof's other lines is the lack of a full bolster.  This allows use of the whole blade, while increasing agility, and reducing fatigue. 


They still maintain the full tang, and high carbon forged blade that Wusthof is famous for, but in a lighter version.  The handle integrates a seamless anti-bacterial hostaform-c design similar to that of the Classic Line. 

Rating:  Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu Rating 4 of 5

Actual Customer Feedback:

"Very light, balanced and sharp enough to cut me down to the bone during my first onion dicing session."
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"These knives are wonderful. Higly recommend."
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"The weight, being light, could deter you from buying this but actually this knife is very durable and gains advantages from knives of Japan."
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Our Research on Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu Cutlery Suggests:

These are excellent knives, and should strongly be considered for purchase.  The lack of bulk may bother some, but the balance and ease of use could make up for it.

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Company Profile:

Wüsthof is a premier knife-maker from Solingen, Germany.  They were listed as being in business as early as 1814, and are still privately held and run by the Wüsthof family.

For more information see their website or search the BBB

Specifications: All Wüsthof knife lines are precision forged with the exception of the Emeril and Gourmet lines which are stamped and the Silverpointe which are lasercut.

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